Before the Denver Nuggets bagged the Game 3 win against LA Lakers, Dwight Howard continues to talk trash to Nuggets' star Nikola Jokic from the bench.

Nikola Jokic, nicknamed The Joker due to his unpredictability, has been unstoppable during the Denver Nuggets' postseason run at the NBA bubble. Jokic is averaging 25.2 points and 10.2 rebounds during the playoffs, working well with Jamal Murray to help the Nuggets reach the Western Conference Finals. However, before the Nuggets 114-106 Game 3 victory, Dwight Howard continued to talk trash with Jokic, who finished the game with 22 points. 

While Dwight Howard has been trying to rile up Nikola Jokic this entire series, it appears that the Lakers centre has been reading Sam Amick's column for The Athletic. On Sunday, Amick wrote about Howard trying to frustrate Jokic so much, that he could now be called Batman. Jokic has been called The Joker since around 2017, courtesy of his ability to surprise people and unpredictability on and off the court. As per reports, Mike Miller had given him the nickname during practice, which Jokic had mentioned he likes more than his former monicker Big Honey, which didn't really stick. 

According to reports, Howard has been persistent with his trash talk this series. According to Amick, Howard and Markieff Morris told the Nuggets to "go home" after Anthony Davis drowned his game-winning three-pointer. With this win, however, the Nuggets at least have two more games left at the NBA bubble.