Competition for the posts of TeamIndia Senior‌Selection‌ Committee members has increased significantly. Several former cricketers are vying for the three vacant posts. Former pacers Ajit Agarkar and Chetan Sharma along with former spinner Maninder Singh and opener Shiv Sundar Das are leading the race as strong candidates.


Will the BCCI adhere to the zonal policy regarding the selection of selectors? Or will it move forward according to the new constitution? That remains to be seen. Last year Sunil Joshi took Harwinder Singh on a zonal basis.

However, according to the new constitution, the top five are likely to be selected. That is why nowhere in the applications is zonal mention brought up. On the other hand, the BCCI did not give clarity on the re-application of Agarkar and Maninder, who had applied earlier.

However, BCCI President Sourav Ganguly clarified before the lockdown that the two did not need to apply again.