India has topped the ICC Test Championship race so far. Team India, which has won 7 of the 9 matches played and lost 2, is leading with 360 points. However, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has officially decided to change the points system for the Test Championship final as several series have been canceled due to Corona. The ICC will calculate the winning percentage based on the number of matches played and the total number of points available.

With a total of 480 points (4 series) 360 points, India's success rate is 75%.

The team had a winning percentage of 82.2% with 296 points out of the 360 points (3 series) available in Australia. With the Aussies number one in the latest rankings, Team India has slipped to second place. England remain in third place with 60.8 percent.

On the other hand, the ICC has postponed the November 2022 Women's T20 World Cup to February 2023. This is due to the fact that the 2022 Women's ODI World Cup and the Commonwealth Games are already underway and there will not be a single ICC event in 2023.