Australia head coach Justin Langer has made it clear to his players that there is no tolerance for crossing the line in the name of sledging. He said that there would be a place for fun conversations in the middle of the match and that making obscene remarks would face dire consequences unless it proceeded competitively. It is well known that the Australian team is the name given to sledging.


It is a buttered education for Aussie cricketers to mentally engage in a war of words to divert the attention of opposing team players. By committing such acts of provocation they have in the past taken many victories into their account. But over the past few days the situation seems to have changed.

Justin Langer is currently speaking to reporters on the sidelines of TeamIndia's long Aussie tour.

"You can see the changes in the last couple of years. We are watching the behavior of our players inside and outside the field.

Even now, there is room for fun and ridicule, but there is no point in resorting to obscene language, "he said.

Referring to the altercation between Aussie Test captain Tim Penn and Team India captain Kohli during the 2018-19 tour of India, he said, "We love Kohli's style.