Team India veteran off-spinner Harbhajan Singh believes that Virat Kohli, who has excelled as a player, will soon win the World Cup and make history as a captain. He said that the current team is very strong, so winning the ICC Trophy will not be a big challenge.

Kohli has said he does not intend to retire until he wins the World Cup. It is known that next year's ICC T20 World Cup will be held. India will host this mega event. Speaking to India Today, Bhajji said that Team India has a better chance of winning the title this time.

Speaking on his performance and leadership qualities, Kohli said, "Any captain wants to achieve such a success. Virat Kohli is a great player. He has already proved this many times.

But so far no World Cup glory has been added to his account. It is natural to want to perfect his journey as a World Cup-winning captain. This feat can be achieved by winning next year's T20 World Cup. The current team is performing better. So soon Kohli will be able to kiss the ICC trophy.

If not now, then next year too. Bhajji said, "I will retire without winning any title at all." Kohli, who is being hailed as a run machine, has so far scored 70 centuries (ODIs, Tests).