Compared to the 12 seasons IPL finals so far .. this season final is very special. This time the final match will be played on Tuesday instead of Sunday.


IPL 2020, which started on September 19, will end today (November 10) with the final. In fact, the IPL is scheduled to start in late March. But it was postponed to September due to the corona. 
The venue was shifted from India to UAE. Matches were organized in Bio Bubble.

Mumbai Indians, who have reached the final, will face Amit for the Delhi Capitals Cup. Compared to the last IPL finals, this season's final is very different. Fans are not allowed inside the stadium for the final match, as is the league stage this season. The team that won the title also reduced the prize money from Rs 20 crore to Rs 10 crore. The runner-up team has so far received Rs. 12.50 crore prize money will be given. This time only Rs. 6.35 crore will be given.

For the first time in the history of the IPL, the final match will be played in the middle of the week. Previously, 11 finals were held on Sunday. In 2011, it was held on Saturday. There is a reason not to organize this weekend. With Diwali coming up next week, Broadcaster Star India has put pressure on the BCCI to get more ads during the festival season.