Legendary cricketer Sunil Gavaskar has lauded Team India captain Virat Kohli for his fastest 12,000 runs in the ODI format. Kohli reached the 12,000-run milestone in the third ODI against the Aussies.


As a result, Kohli holds the record for most feats in 251 matches. It was during this sequence that Kohli broke the record of master blaster Sachin Tendulkar. Speaking after the match, Sunil Gavaskar said.

Kohli continues to air in all formats. Kohli’s performance was awesome. From the moment he saw Kohli as an under-19 player, he continued to improve day by day. Kohli worked hard to change the game. He also made many sacrifices to become a super fit cricketer.

Kohli is not just an ideal for young cricketers. He is an inspiration to all those who focus on fitness. More than 12,000 runs in a format requires a lot of talent.

His performance is truly extraordinary as he has scored over 50 runs in 103 of the 251 ODIs he has played. He has 43 centuries and 60 half centuries in ODIs. I do not think anyone else can achieve this feat which Kohli has achieved so fast.

The consistent reason in Kohli to turn half-centuries into centuries. Let’s wait and see about Kohli’s next thousand runs.