The team management had high expectations for young Aussie Will Pukovsky for the forthcoming four-match Test series against TeamIndia. Pukovsky hopes to excel in the absence of David Warner.

But exceptionally in the practice match against TeamIndia, Karthik Tyagi's bouncer Will Pukovsky's helmet hit hard.

With this, Pukovsky stood on his knees for a few minutes. She immediately contacted the medical team and was told that the severity of the injury was not so great.

Aussie management, on the other hand, has made it clear that it will be available for the first Test starting on December 17. Doubts about Pukovsky playing have not yet been dispelled.

In this context Little Master Sunil Gavaskar made several interesting remarks on Pukovsky. ‘I had anticipated that something like this would happen.

In general, Aussie pitches are a haven for pacers. There will be more such bouncers coming up if Pukovsky plays in the upcoming Test series .. be prepared to face them.