Aussie cricketer Philip Hughes will be remembered by all of you. During a practice match in 2014, Sean Abbott's bouncer hit Hughes in the neck. With this he went into a collapse coma on the field.


So he fought to the death for three days and disappeared. The news of Hughes' death has become one of the greatest tragedies in the history of Aussie cricket. Since then, bouncers have become a menace to batsmen.

The same fear haunts when someone is injured by a batsman's ball.

Sydney recently hosted a three-day practice match between India-A and Australia-A. The Aussies will play the second innings on Wednesday as part of the final day of play. Opener Vin Pukovsky was at the crease with 23 runs.

India-A bowler Karthik Tyagi bowled the 13th over of the innings. Tyagi's first ball bounced and hit Pukovsky's helmet. Pukovsky collapsed under the pressure at once as the ball hit his helmet hard.

Shocked, his teammates approached him and tried to wake him up.

He said the physio would come and examine Pukovsky immediately to find out what the injury was.

Pukoviski retired with a hamstring injury, but it is doubtful he will play in the first Test against India due to the severity of his injury.