It would have been almost certain if MS Dhoni had said that in the case of the opposing players out. Dhoni has a unique style in terms of DRS, stumping and catch. The young cricketer who succeeded Mari Dhoni, Rishabh Pant, is failing in accuracy. Our Team India cricketers did not care how much Pant‌ scored on an out as part of the fourth Test between India and Australia.


Natarajan bowled the third ball of the 84 overs as part of the Aussies' first innings length. The ball swung slightly and fell into the hands of the wicket-keeper. However, he appealed for an out as soon as the ball went into the hands of the ball as it went swinging outside. Pine‌ who wanted to play that ball .. left it at the last minute.

The batsman thought it hit the pine bat and went to appeal. None of the Team India cricketers, starting with the umpire, responded. Corina smiled and left, asking Captain Rahane to at least ask for DRS. Rohit, who was fielding in the slips, also smiled at the priests. Pant‌ was very disappointed by this. Although he claimed to be out, Pant was dissatisfied with the lack of proper support from fellow cricketers