Senior CPI (M) leader Ashok Bhattacharya has blamed political pressure on BCCI president and former Team India captain Sourav Ganguly for having a heart attack. Some parties have accused Ganguly of trying to exploit the craze, in the wake of which he has been accused of undergoing stress and heart attack.

‘Some parties are looking to use Ganguly politically. That is definitely putting pressure on Ganguly.


He is not a political leader. We should only remember Ganguly as a sports icon, ”said Bhattacharya, Ganguly’s family friend. Bhattacharya, who went to consult Ganguly, who is undergoing treatment at the hospital, spoke to media.

To this extent some parties have made comments aimed at. He also wished that no one would force Ganguly into politics. Asked last week if he was joining politics with Ganguly, he said that there was no one and why he was being pressured at such a time.